ARGCL aims to provide developers with a quick and easy way to expand the reach of their apps and grow and develop their business. Developers have to go through a standard registration procedure before they can start publishing apps on our marketplace. We ensure app is judged to be of a high enough quality to be published.




Sell Software Online


ARGCL provides you with a tremendously powerful and free online software store for you to sell software online to customers to showcase made in Africa Software and applications to the world. Whether you’re looking to sell games, educational programs, business applications, or any other type of software, ARGCL provides you with the platform developers in Africa need to expand their business. With ARGCL, your online software store can be seamlessly added to a new or existing website making it fast and easy for your customers to browse and purchase all of your products. ARGCL revolutionary e-commerce platform also allows you to customize all of the amazing features of your store, so you can sell software online.