AGCL Agro Services

AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS was officially founded in the Nigeria in the nineties, conducting research on the necessary building blocks of life in soil and plants. As a true innovator in the industry and a provider of sustainable solutions for modern agriculture, we are constantly working on solutions for farmers, which on the one hand improve quality and yield, and on the other reduce residues of plant protection products.

Every day with new commitment – through scientific knowledge of natural and organic crops – we create solutions that will restore health to people. Our mission is to provide farmers with solutions that will allow them to meet today’s consumer requirements: fruit and vegetables with high nutritional values, solutions that also improve the shelf life and do not produce any or absolutely minimal residues of plant protection products.



Customer oriented: – We offer the best quality customer service by understanding its needs, requirements and requirements.

Solution provider: -We provide distinctive solutions supported by innovative products of the highest quality and added value.

Quality and value:-Our products are 100% concentrated and produced in accordance with GMP standards.

Environment: – We value health climate and the environment ensuring sustainable development mode of action.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give farmers solutions to enable them to meet today’s consumer’s demands: fruits and vegetables with high nutritional values, solutions that also improve shelf life and create no or an absolute minimum of residues of plant protection products.

Our passion

Expressing passion for a solution that the client wants to use for a healthier lifestyle and environment. People around the world are becoming more aware of the impact of healthy food. Restoring our children to the true taste of healthy food and caring for our planet motivates and inspires us. Thanks to our scientific approach, we are developing real plant science and sustainable solutions for modern agriculture.


After years of extensive research, AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS has developed sustainable solutions to the problems faced by manufacturers. Our formulation skill is to reintroduce the basic elements of life.

Because there are many components of life, we chose 3 very interesting components that formed the basis of our three product lines:

Silicon monomeric silicic acid (Product line: SILIFORCE)
Proteins in the form of L-amino acids (Product line: AMX)
Micro -organisms in the form of microbiological preparations (Product line: MICROMIX)

These three elements are the basis of our products: SILIFORCE, AMX and MICROMIX. All of our products are completely non-toxic and environmentally safe.

AGRO-SOLUTIONS has created products that are:

  • Easy to apply
  • Strongly focused
  • Efficient and economical
  • Applies to both the root and the leaf
  • Approved by universities and research institutes
  • Safe and clean

Our Services

  • Animal Feed
  • Mechanization Service
  • Contract Farming
  • Digital Agriculture

Our Work Flow

  • Land Preparation and Planting
  • Plant Protection
  • Harvesting
  • Storage and Post Harvesting
  • Training and Advisory Services
  • Animal Veterinary and Feed Sale

In the AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS, we provide everything in a service package for small farmers and more….