AGCL Digital Billboard

We are a full-service advertising company that believes that brands must achieve their campaign goals and maximize their profits from campaigns and not just throw money without achieving their purpose. We professionally plan and execute customer campaigns in a way that helps their businesses grow and generates lasting exposure between brands and humans.

AGCL ICT Services

Billbarod Ads Services

Digital Billboards are computer-controlled electronic screens with technological capabilities that are taking outdoor advertising to a new level.

At AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD, we help you deliver relevant messages to Client while keeping them up to date with your brand’s current events. Our LEDs are located in strategic locations that provide the right audience.


We help identify the target group for a given media campaign and decide how to best convey it to the audience. We also track data from industry surveys, data on distribution and purchases by customers. We work and build the last yearning between clients and media sales companies.

We are also responsible for negotiations with the media house in order to get the best rates and the most appropriate media space. At the end of the campaign, we help you analyze the effectiveness of the campaign and use its data to inform you about future campaigns. Our media planning services require finding the most appropriate media platform to advertise customer brands / products. We help in determining when, where and how often to post a message. Thanks to AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD, you will surely reach the right recipients at the right time with the right message, and also generate the desired response while remaining within the set budget.


At AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD, we help you find out who your target audience are, because knowing who wants to see your product is the first step to creating a successful media campaign. We also undergo in-depth research to get to know the media niche if your target audience is not to advertise your product or brand when the target audience is not residents. In addition to knowing our customers and their niches, we help brands check their competitors and see what they are doing and what they are not doing.


Our activation plans help create a campaign, event or experience that enables your brand to interact directly with consumers and build a loyal community around your product or service. Our strategies are often integrative and interactive and light a fire that illuminates the way to find your product and adapt it to your goal.


Billboard ads are designed to attract the attention of a person and quickly create an unforgettable impression, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after passing by. Our billboards are strategically placed on highways and main roads in Nigeria, so you can be sure that your products or brand will certainly reach the right target group.

We have cordial relations with the Abuja State Signage and Advertising Agency and other Labeling Authorities outside Abuja, so the fear of sudden removal of ads disappears.