AGCL Energy Services 

AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD Energy is a systems integrator that provides customized business solutions that meet the specific needs of customers in terms of energy solutions. We are an EPC (Engineering, Acquisitions and Construction) company, our core area of competence allows us to implement the most appropriate solutions for our clients on time and within the budget and cutting-edge digital technologies to produce, process, manage and distribute Energy in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner for transportation, heating and power generation purposes.

We specialize in energy and energy systems: Micro generation of energy – Integrated renewable energy solutions (solar, wind and generator hybrid), distribution of petroleum products, inverter solutions (ATM, perimeter lighting, etc.), UPS; Energy as a service: outsourced energy supply and management (captive power generation with gas / diesel powered generators); Energy management: energy efficiency audit and green building solutions.

AGCL Energy Services

AHREIGN GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD Energy inventory, sale and installation of ABB medium voltage energy products at the Apapa plant, from where they are sent to various places around the country. We successfully deliver these products to agencies and individuals such as Abuja Disco and many other electricity distribution companies. The products we have in stock are:

  • Internal 11 kV switching device – Ungears cabin type with VD4 vacuum switch
  • 33kV external switches – Porcelain plated OH6 SF6 external switches
  • The main units with an 11 kV – RMU ring from ABB are free, reliable, reliable and secure, offering many important technical advantages. Currently available as non-extensible and extensible CVC configurations and extensible configurations

Distribution transformers – our ABB power transformers are key components in power networks. Their availability and lifetime have a big impact on the reliability and profitability of the network.

  • Backup Power Solutions
  • Generators
  • Solar Panels
  • Inverter installation
  • Charge Controllers
  • Solar Outdoor Floodlights
  • Solar Powered Water

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