AGCL Management Report

As today’s workforce is starting to retire and the millennium generation is being recruited, it is becoming a priority to attract the next generation of employees. Management Report systems must also meet the expectations of a digital workforce. This provides the flexibility of Excel or Word, We help ensure that your report meets up to the standard of the latest software in report.



  • Single data set

The numbers of the annual financial statements will be linked to the monthly management reports because you are constantly using the same set of data.

  • Spend less time with the administrator

The end of the year will be much less stressful because you would be working on the same information that feeds your annual accounts monthly.


Quick and easy data integration

The Powerful Integration Capabilities of this tool mean that any changes made to AGCL Software will be Immediately reflected in the combined Excel or Word files. The Powerful Integration Possibilities of this tool mean that any Changes made in AGCL Software will be immediately reflected in the combined Excel or Word files.

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